Partners PEO, LLC. Denver, CO


Accurate payroll processing, by knowledgeable professionals delivered in a timely manner, is critical to the success of every business. If you are looking for a payroll compliance Partner rather than a payroll processing vendor, Partners PEO is the correct choice for your business.

Not all payroll companies provide the expertise or have personal dedicated representatives available with every call or email. Utilizing the most innovative payroll software available in the market today; we match technology with over 50 years of experience in the PEO industry.

We transfer the liability for all Federal and State governmental tax requirements, create a QuickBooks import, manage accurate leave accruals (PTO, vacation and sick leave) based on company policies, provide online time and attendance solutions as well as certified payroll preparation including administration of outside tracking systems. Partners PEO provides solutions for all payroll issues regardless of complexity.

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"To schedule your Payroll Needs Analysis appointment with one of our Business Development Advisors, call 720-593-2270."