Partners PEO, LLC. Denver, CO

Focus On Your Business. Worry Free.

Welcome to Partners PEO. We are a locally owned Professional Employer Organization, focusing on high risk industries, providing serious business solutions for serious business problems. We partner with businesses left behind by big National PEO’s; still allowing access to big business benefits.

Partners PEO reduces significant administration and compliance burdens which prevents businesses from improving productivity and profitability. We eliminate the headaches, leaving you peace of mind each and every day. We are the “one call,” does it all business Partner.

Partners PEO services encompass all facets of the employee life cycle comprised of payroll, safety, workers’ compensation, human resource and employee benefits tailored to meet the needs of each client.

We do not use a ‘cookie cutter’ approach when developing a service package. The fee you pay is based solely on the services selected after completing your Needs Analysis. Your Business Development Advisor will be personally responsible for ensuring your service package meets or exceeds your ever changing business needs over the life of our relationship. We ensure as your business needs change, your services change accordingly. Client care, personal service and ongoing support is our commitment to you.

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Partners PEO is a relationship you can count on

Our team’s 50+ years combined experience, servicing Colorado businesses, helps us efficiently determine, customize and implement solutions to all client needs.

Our team of dedicated professionals help small business owners reduce the risk and exposure related to having employees. From hiring through termination, we are a trusted, reliable outsourcing partner.

Partners PEO is your one call, does it all, HR solution.

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